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073: In Which Reeeeemiiiiix!

Been here, done that. More stubble this time, though.

Right, so. Clothes. Pallas, I'm looking at you, here.
I repeat; such a dick.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have a job to get back.

And Artemis? The pizza was sixteen bucks. Pay up.
[her voice, unsurprisingly due to the event but maybe surprisingly because it's Eris, sounds... if there's an emotion to really be attached to it, it's whiny. Very flat and whiny.]

Work yesterday was... I don't know. I wasn't even going to go and then I got a phone call from an editor and... I went, but who cares about a bunch of entitled famous people? None of it matters, it's just flavor of the week after flavor of the week. They didn't even need me, I was practically just a glorified coffee girl after a couple hours...

... anyway. Point is, my phone's off. If they want to get me to come in today they're going to have to work for it. I'm just gonna... I dunno. Watch daytime TV and eat ice cream. That might be okay. Probably not.

I feel like I should be listening to Linkin Park or smooth jazz or something. Prometheus, you're a dick.


069: In Which Oh Yes, It's Afterglow Time

Question: Do you know how just many noses I broke last week?
Answer: No, you don't. And neither do I. But it's a number higher than one, which is why last week was fantastic in hindsight.

I mean, yes, paranoia and fake lion noises that fucked with my head quite a bit but come on. These are memories that are going to last a lifetime. Though hopefully I won't have to say the same for the bruises on my knuckles.

... on the downside, though, I did call my editor a few things that they probably shouldn't be called to their face. Awkward, but that's what making dead relatives up is for.

068: In Which Future Imperfect

You know what the truly sad thing is?

This isn't even the stupidest thing that's happened on Valentine's Day over the past two years.

067: In Which Attention Must Be Paid

There will be a reckoning.

That is all.

066: In Which It's Survey Time

Tell me one thing you want, and what's standing in the way of you getting it.

065: In Which Boo, Minor Inconveniences

Honestly, making me walk up another flight of stairs or two? That's just tacky.

... admittedly this is still miles better than what happened last year, though, even if slot machines are for people who are much, much bigger suckers than I will ever be.

064: In Which Tick Tick Tick Tick...

... you know what? I'll say it. We were better off with Cronus. At least he's honest about being an utter douchebag.


She's going to smile
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